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Dans le contexte de la crise du Coronavirus, l'éventualité d'une annulation du Festival de Cannes n'a pas été évoquée à ce jour. Le Festival se tenant fin mai, il y a de grandes chances pour que la chaleur améliore la situation et en tout état de cause, n'étant pas les organisateurs, nous ne pouvons anticiper de nouvelles mesures de santé publique.

Nous partons du principe que l'événement se tiendra comme prévu.

In the context of the coronavirus crisis, the possibility of canceling the Cannes Film Festival has not been raised to date. The Festival being held at the end of May, there is a good chance that the heat will improve the situation and in any case, not being the organizers, we cannot anticipate new public health measures.

We assume that the event will be held as planned.

Ever since 2014, Shoot the Book! has been jointly organized by the SCELF, a collective rights management entity whose core business is audiovisual adaptation, and the Institut français, which operates under the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture to promote French culture around the world. Since its inception, the goal of Shoot the Book! has been to create bridges between literary writing and audiovisual writing by pitching approximately ten works selected by an elite international jury.

The rise of cinema throughout the world and the growing need for audiovisual content inspired these two organizations to establish a large-scale adaptation market that brings together not only 80% of French publishers, but also a significant representation of publishers worldwide.

Shoot the Book ! spreads out:

  • Festival de Cannes, since 2014

  • American Film Market & AFI LA, in Los Angeles, since 2016

  • Shanghai International Film festival, since 2017

  • Annecy Animation International Film Festival, since 2018


Every operation Shoot the Book! constitutes a set of international actions:

  • A pitch session from publishers intended for the producers

  • Individual meetings to explore catalogs and projects in search of coproductions

  • A theme studied during a masterclass


Shoot the Book! has been developed as a tool for cooperation, exchange of know-how in adapting and preparing publishers for the audiovisual market.



an economic and creative challenge

The adaptation of editorial content (fiction, non fiction, comic book, youth book) represents a growing challenge for the global audiovisual industry.

For many years now, adaptation has been at the heart of French and European film creation and coproductions.

A recent study points out that the share of films drawn from French books has almost doubled in almost 10 years. In 2018, 1 out of 5 French films were an adaptation. In the United States, it's 50% of the films.

The recent success of American film or audiovisual adaptations (Interstellar, Game of Thrones, 13 Reasons Why ...) is encouraging producers and platforms to become interested in books as soon as they come out. The adaptation will be in the coming years all the more essential as its development times are shorter than those of so-called original works. However, the development of digital platforms is driving a high demand for content in a timely manner.